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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review: 'Nanny Seduction'

Thanks to Lifetime, the nanny industry may take a downturn. Movies like "Nanny Cam," "The Nightmare Nanny" and "Evil Nanny" don't exactly paint a flattering picture live-in childcare professionals. The latest movie to make parents think twice before hiring help is "Nanny Seduction."

Originally titled "Missing Child," this thriller premiered on Lifetime Movie Network last night and was an awesome alternative to the Oscars.

The plot focuses on orphan Riley (Lauren Gobuzzi), who is adopted by would-be super couple Ben (Wes Brown) and Kara (Austin Highsmith). I say "would-be" because Ben has some skeletons in his closet, mainly past infidelities. The two need help with this young lady. She has some serious issues (fear of the playground and an attachment to a creepy doll) and needs expert care. So, the working couple decides to hire a nanny. Enter Alyssa (Valerie Azlynn), a gorgeous young woman who seems to have a way with kids. Things are going great until Alyssa decides to play footsy (literally) with Ben and makes it clear that she would like to play house with him. He keeps this a secret from Kara, who doesn't completely trust him after past trysts. Adding to this complication is the arrival of Riley's biological mom Vanessa (Erin Cahill), who definitely has some issues of her own.

So, this adoption is in jeopardy, right? Well, this is LIFETIME ... so yes, the adoption is in jeopardy ... Ben and Kara's marriage is in jeopardy ... and those are just some of the problems faced by these characters.

This is one of those movies that has it all: sex appeal, stalkings, seductions, secrets and more. Brown and Highsmith are convincing as the couple on the rocks, and Azlynn is awesome as the sexy kiddie caretaker. Admittedly, the plot is a little similar to the Will Ferrell/Kristin Wiig epic "Deadly Adoption," but this movie still has a few surprises ... and the requisite climactic confrontation. Director Emily Moss Wilson deserves credit for maintaining a solid level of suspense throughout this affair. It's definitely a worthy addition to the many nanny horror stories that occupy Lifetime's airwaves. "Nanny Seduction" will be taking care of viewers next Saturday, March March 4. And if you want an extra dose of leading ladies Austin Highsmith and Valeries Azlynn, check them out in "A Deadly Affair" premiering 7 p.m., March 5.

"Nanny Seduction": Directed by Emily Moss Wilson; Starring Austin Highsmith as Kara, Wes Brown as Ben, Valerie Azlynn as Alyssa, Erin Cahill as Vanessa, Lauren Gobuzzi as Riley

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