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Friday, December 30, 2016

Review: 'Bad Twin'

Sometimes, it doesn't pay to be a kind, sympathetic sibling. Radio shrink Dr. Jen (played by the always awesome Haylie Duff) finds this out the hard way in "Bad Twin."

Last night, this shocker premiered on the Lifetime Movie Network, and it did not disappoint.

Dr. Jen is a helpful voice for listeners, but an annoyance to her psycho sister Cassie (Jacy King). So much so, Cassie camps outside the station and viciously attacks her. She's dragged to the psych ward and leaves her very weird twin daughters Olivia and Quinn (both played by Grace Van Dien) with no guardian.

It's up to Dr. Jen to take them into her lavish mansion and be a kindly aunt. That's her first mistake because the twins are in cahoots with their scheming mom. Once they learn that radio psychology is a legit and profitable career path, they want a piece of the action. So, the twins begin thwarting the good doctor and making her life a living hell -- placing acid in her moisturizer, attempting to poison her boyfriend, burying her stuff in the backyard. And God help anyone who gets in their way! Jen's assistant Gail (Charlotte Graham) is definitely at risk after they overhear her recommendation NOT to adopt them. Remember the mischievous twins from "The Parent Trap?" Well, these girls are more like the ghostly girls from "The Shining!" They are super creepy!

Credit Van Dien (daughter of the great Casper Van Dien) for creating these haunting sisters. She is very good in both roles and scary in all the right moments. King also is effective as their crazy mom. Duff, meanwhile, is believable as the sister trying to do good ... but paying a heavy price.

Director John Murlowski keeps things moving briskly, and keeps the audience on its toes. Likewise, he's able to make Van Dien convincing as twins. The effects are pretty good in this one as both Olivia and Quinn appear side by side without any visible movie fakery.

The conclusion of the film is quite ... buzzworthy (pun intended).  Also, look for a cameo by Barry Livington -- aka Ernie Douglas from "My Three Sons." It's sure to air again soon, so keep an eye on LMN's schedule for listings.

"Bad Twin:" Directed by John Murlowski; Starring Haylie Duff as Jen, Grace Van Dien as Olivia/Quinn; Jacy King as Cassie, Scott Bailey as Kevin, Barry Livingston as Dr. Frank; Amber Friendly as Robin; Charlotte Graham as Gail.


  1. The writer was Alix Reeves.....we should acknowledge her hard work too!

  2. Just watched this. It was great! LMN didn't disappoint!

  3. My at&t uverse suck can someone tell me what happened to their mom becuz my cable froze up once they got back in the car at the end

  4. My at&t uverse suck can someone tell me what happened to their mom becuz my cable froze up once they got back in the car at the end

  5. They ended up hitting a tree, mom
    Died, sisters lived... Olivia ended up in the mental hospital and Quinn went with her aunt.

  6. Watching now on demand. Not sure why i always look up endings.