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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Review: 'Evil Nanny'

"Evil Nanny" sounds like it might be a horror story for parents, but it actually will induce more nightmares in property managers or landlords. Yep, Lifetime knows how to get back into reality after four weeks of Christmas bliss. Last night's Lifetime Movie Network premiere of "Evil Nanny" was definitely a sucker punch to anyone still high on the holidays.

Things heat up (literally) from the get go as foster kid from hell Alexa (Lindsay Elston) sets fire to her former home for wayward girls. She hits the road and manages to use a false identity to secure a nanny gig with super couple Fay (Nicole Sterling) and Tim (Michael Pohlkamp) and their adorable kids. Things get off to a promising start until Fay and Tim host a party that leaves Alexa (now going by Jen) too hungover to care for the children. Instead of calling the cops or filing child endangerment charges at Alexa/Jen, the couple throws her out.

Bad move. You see, Alexa seems to know the law and manipulates it into her favor. It seems that she has legally become a resident at Fay and Tim's dream home, so they have to file an eviction notice. I've been a renter, but I never knew how much of a hassle this actually is until watching this movie. Alexa basically sets up shop, invites drug dealing buddies over, parties and gets on everyone's nerves. Tim and Fay are basically powerless. She foils every legal move they make, and plays the victim every time it looks like they have the goods on her. 

Helping her is thug boyfriend Wade (Stephen Barrington) with his "Wussup" attitude and bandana and nerd-in-lust neighbor Kyle (Kevin Grady). Holding the key to Tim and Fay's salvation is a former foster kid Wren (Tegan Sirset in a fine supporting role), who is fearful of Alexa's wrath.

Thinking about renting a property or letting a friend crash on your couch?? Watch this movie, and you might think twice. 

I was a bit dubious about this until I posed the question on Twitter about the validity of this movie. Several responses indicated that stuff like this actually happens, and one Tweeter shared this bizarre story about a nanny who dug in and won't leave a family's house!

Of course, this isn't just an exercise in tenants' rights. Alexa is indeed evil, and the film comes to a bloody conclusion. Elston knows how to push buttons as a villain, and Sterling is convincing as the desperate yet hopeless heroine mom. It's a nicely packaged thriller that will leave many audiences furious until the end...but even the film's conclusion may leave viewers mad (no spoilers). 

"Evil Nanny" is another awesome offering from the fine filmmakers at The Aslylum, who brought us the Sharknado series and a host of Lifetime classics including "Foreclosed" and "Break-up Nightmare". Missed it last night? It airs next on Lifetime at 5 p.m. (CST), Jan. 7 on Lifetime.

"Evil Nanny": Directed by Jared Cohn; Starring Nicole Sterling as Fay, Mathew Pohlkamp as Tim; Lindsay Elston as Alexa/Jen; Kevin Grady as Kyle; Stephen Barrington as Wade; Tegan Sirset as Wren


  1. But how where the performances?

  2. The ending definitely could have had a better ending. I was hoping for more of a thrill then this movie. Out of 10 I would give it a 4... Not to impressed

  3. The ending definitely could have had a better ending. I was hoping for more of a thrill then this movie. Out of 10 I would give it a 4... Not to impressed

  4. I wanted to smack up the whiny Sterling yo. I was like shut up bich.