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Monday, June 27, 2016

REVIEW: 'The Wrong Child'

A kid shows up at your doorstep claiming to be a long, lost son. If you're smart, tell him he's at the wrong address ... then MOVE. Anyone who watches Lifetime movies regularly should know that forgotten family members who turn up out of the blue are usually psychos or crooks.

In "The Wrong Child" (which premiered last night on Lifetime), Vivica A. Fox finds herself torn between her husband (Gary Daniels) and an overly charming young man who pops up out of nowhere.

Fox plays Renee, a happily married shop owner with perfect family life. Husband Charles is a millionaire architect and beautiful daughter Amy (Stevena) is a great kid. Enter Andrew (Robbie Davidson), a well-mannered .. but creepy ... kid who says Charles is his dad. Charles is apprehensive, but Renee and Amy love this guy. In spite of dad's reservations, mom and sis are ready to set a place at the table for Andrew. A few other people share Charles' concerns including Renee's buddy Joyce (the always awesome Tracy Nelson) and Amy's BFF Darci (Alissa Latow).

It's not long before Andrew starts taking an interest in his new family. So much so, he installs surveillance cameras around the house. Then, a few people wind up dead and dad's office is vandalized. It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out something is seriously wrong with Andrew, but Renee loves and trusts this kid, even telling her husband that she wishes she would have given birth to him!!

So, is Andrew just a misunderstood illegitimate kid or a dangerous psychopath? Well, this movie will likely be back on Lifetime or the Lifetime Movie Network soon, so LM Mental won't offer too many spoilers.

Davidson really steals the show as the sweet, psychotic Andrew. He's basically Norman Bates in a hoodie. Fox is effective as the clueless Renee, a loving wife who is blind to Andrew's intentions. Stevena and Latow are picture perfect as perky teens. The real surprise here is the return of Johnny Whitaker!!! I can't remember the last time I've seen him in a movie or TV show. He has a small but pivotal role towards the film's conclusion. Veteran director David DeCouteau keeps things rolling along nicely, leaving viewers wondering what Andrew is up to and adding a slasher/horror element to the film.

There are many scenes that will induce groans and eye rolls in "The Wrong Child," but it's definitely worth a watch. The cast alone rocks - Fox, Nelson and TV legend Whitaker - and as mentioned, Davidson might be the heir apparent to Anthony Perkins. It's a solid slasher effort with a few Lifetime twists and turns, so check it out and let me know what you think. Chances are it will be paired with Lifetime standards like "The Wrong Roommate" and "The Wrong Woman" during weekend marathons.

"The Wrong Child": Directed by David DeCouteau; Starring Vivica A. Fox as Renee; Robbie Davidson as Andrew; Stevena as Amy; Gary Daniels as Charles; Tracy Nelson as Joyce; Alissa Latow as Darci; Johnny Whitaker as Mr. Haight


  1. Bad acting.. the chemistry with off with the husband and wife. Kind of disappointed because Vivica Fox is one of my favorite actress. Could have done a better job the whole cast

  2. Johnny Whitaker is THE best actor in this FLOP. What a shame for him. I love lifetime movies, but this is horrible. Vivaca A Fox ...I don't even know. I'm not a movie critic, but I play one on tv. This movie is horrible.