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Sunday, March 27, 2016

REVIEW: 'The Perfect Daughter'

Natalie seems to have everything going for her. She's a good student who recently was elected to student council and caught the eye of hockey stud Sam. And she has a great relationship with her doting single dad. In a Lifetime movie, those moments are fleeting. In "The Perfect Daughter," it's not long before Natalie's idyllic life comes crashing down around her.

Last night, Lifetime premiered this family drama -- that's both schlocky and sweet enough to appease all Lifetimers

The plot focuses on super teen Natalie (played by the talented Sadie Calvano) who is raised by widowed dad Martin (Brady Smith), a construction guru. As mentioned, she's got everything going for her, but dad finds her wasted on booze following a high school party. She's pretty blasted, so she's taken to the hospital. There, Martin find out that his daughter likely had sex ... or was sexually assaulted at the party.

Martin tries to communicate with his daughter while trying to figure out who exactly is to blame for what happened. Was it rich jock Sam (Reiley McClendon)? Or, perhaps his dad Bruce (Hardy Boy Parker Stevenson) was negligent since this incident happened on his estate. Complicating matters is that Bruce's wife is Martin's ex Julie (Meredith Salenger ... every guy's crush in the 1980s thanks to roles in "Dream A Little Dream" and others)!

The movie moves along at a decent pace and leaves viewers with tons of questions as Martin tries to reconnect with a very distant Natalie. All in all, it's decent weekend fare that takes a detour from the usual stalker/killer/psycho Lifetime movies. 

Kudos to the cast, particularly Calvano and Smith. Likewise Blaine Saunders does a very good job as Natalie's supportive friend Tess. Salenger also adds a sweet, sympathetic voice to to the mix.

Missed this last night? Check it out today at 2 p.m. (CST) on Lifetime.

"The Perfect Daughter" - Directed by Brian Herzlinger; Starring Sadie Calvano (Natalie), Bradie Smith (Martin), Parker Stevenson (Bruce), Reiley McClendon (Sam), Meredith Salenger (Julie), Blaine Saunders (Tess), Johann Urb (Nick)

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