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Monday, March 28, 2016

REVIEW: 'Get Out Alive'

What better way to wind down Easter Sunday than a Lifetime horror movie! LMN's premiere of "Get Out Alive" offered a great alternative to inspirational programming with this tale of a couples retreat from hell.

Lucy (Beverly Mitchell of "7th Heaven") and Greg (Ryan S. Williams) are a couple at a marital crossroads. They're advised by friends James (Steve Bacic) and Serena (Lindsay Maxwell) to attend a special couples retreat in a remote forest area. The scenery there is breathtaking, but the vibe is creepy as hell. Couples must submit blood samples and sacrifice their IDs. And good luck leaving! This place is waaay out in the woods and there's literally no way out. Complicating matters are surveillance cameras that monitor everyone's moves. Oh... and the retreat's lead counselor Dr. Kozlov (Vincent Gale) has the bedside manner of a ghoul ... and has a voice like Sesame Street's the Count. 

Lucy and Greg have plenty of relationship issues, but they eventually agree on one thing ... something is fishy. During a hiking trip, someone tries to kill Lucy. Suspicions also arise when the comic relief elderly couple disappears. Before long, the duo discovers a surgical facility on the premises. I won't offer any spoilers, but this is definitely a far out Lifetime movie. Director George Erschbamer keeps things rolling along at a nice pace with plenty of action and suspense. Leads Mitchell and Williams are effective as is the supporting cast ... particularly Gale as the super creepy Kozlov.

I didn't see future listings for this gem, but it's bound to return to Lifetime or LMN ... and is probably on the Lifetime Movie Network. Definitely check it out the next time it hits the airwaves! It's Lifetime at its best ... and weirdest.

"Get Out Alive" - Directed by George Erschbamer; Starring Beverly Mitchell (Lucy), Ryan S. Williams (Greg), Steve Bacic (James), Lindsay Maxwell (Serena), Vincent Gales (Kozlov)

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