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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Review: 'Blood, Sweat, and Lies'

It's January, and people will be hitting their respective gyms to shed holiday poundage or prep for dating season! No better time than now to watch a movie about a deranged physical trainer on the Lifetime Movie Network. "Blood, Sweat, and Lies" debuted last night and was a perfect premiere for the first Friday of 2018!

At the film's onset we meet a knife-wielding Melissa (Hannah Barefoot). She's not the killer...but probably felt like using a blade on her douche boyfriend Carter (Drew Roy), who dumps her. Let's try to forget that Melissa is a beautiful art gallery owner. She's still bummed out! Her BFF Leslie (Briana Lane) suggests she get back in the game and tighten it up at the gym. Again...let's try to overlook the fact that Melissa already is fairly athletic looking. She hits up the nearby fitness center, which looks like it's in a garage or loading dock. Pumped up trainer Trey (Adam Huber) takes an immediate interest in her and sells her on his services.

Guess what happens. Trey becomes infatuated with her and is committed to her workout goals. He also rigs her fitness watch, so he can track her every move -- even monitoring her heart rate while she sleeps!! Bad news for Trey the trainer. Melissa meets hot art patron Adam (Matt Cedeno), and sparks fly.

Trey begins screw things up for the budding couple and pushes his client to her physical boundaries. He also is a bit too touchy feely!! This dude loves to stroke Melissa's shoulders and get too close for comfort.

 Huber is excellent as the scheming creeper. His menacing gaze speaks volumes about Trey's obsession. Barefoot is equally awesome as Melissa, who is committed to pumping up in the gym and getting her love life back on track. Their chemistry as predator and unwitting prey is classic Lifetime fare. Cedeno is picture perfect as Melissa's prince in waiting, and Lane is solid as Melissa's suspicious buddy.

Amanda Bermudez' story rolls along nicely under director Lane Shefter Bishop's guidance. No dull moments (although a few predictable ones) in this movie. So, if you plan to hit the gym this new year and cut down on TV, watch this movie first! It may inspire you to put down the weights and hold that remote control a little tighter.

"Blood, Sweat, and Lies": Directed by Lane Shefter Bishop; Starring Hannah Barefoot as Melissa, Adam Huber as Trey, Matt Cedeno as Adam, and Briana Lane as Leslie

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