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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: 'Deadly Ex'

High school reunions can be a scary proposition. You're likely to run into people whose names you forgot ... ex-jocks trying to relive the glory days ... and unhinged former flames. In "Deadly Ex,"  a guy discovers the latter at his reunion and a brief flirtation turns his life upside down.

Gary (Jason Gerhardt) seems to have it all: a great career, loving wife, great kids, awesome home. Well, his wife is on his ass ... constantly. They're having both money and marital woes. Things are looking pretty bad, and he confesses his life's mess to his still hot high school love Valerie (the eternally beautiful Natasha Henstridge). They share a kiss at his reunion and meet a few more times ... as friends.

Gary's wife Jess (Marguerite Moreau) finds out about Valerie and is not happy. It doesn't help that Valerie is drop dead gorgeous and has been in town visiting Gary (a lipstick stained shirt contributes to his downfall). Although Valerie is tempting, Gary loves Jess and wants to repair their marriage. Valerie, however, has other plans. She stalks and sexts poor Gary until he is thrown out of the house.

This emotional pressure cooker builds to a predictable but bloody climax. What can I say?? I loved this Sunday night premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network! Then again, I love anything with Henstridge. Her performance in Lifetime classic "Widow On The Hill" is tough to beat, be she comes close in this one. As Valerie, Henstridge flashes that flawless smile but is ready to unleash her wrath at all the right moments.

Supporting actors Gerhardt and Moreau make for a perfect couple on the rocks, and the actors playing their kids (Matt Cornett as Zach and Sammi Hanratty as Carissa) round out the cast nicely. Hanratty is particularly good as the drama queen daughter.

Originally titled "Inconceivable," this movie is directed by Tom Shell, a guy who usually produces and acts in action flicks. This might explain the conclusion, which is a bit more violent than usual Lifetime movies. He handles the material expertly, balancing drama with schlock and ultimately delivering a memorable stalker movie.

"Deadly Ex": Directed by Tom Shell; Starring Natasha Henstridge, Jason Gerhardt, Marguerite Moreau, Matt Cornett, Sammi Hanratty, Ben Reed.

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